At Potter Decal & Sticker Co., we’re here to help you choose the sticky product that’s right for you. Whether you need to increase brand awareness, drum up team spirit, label your products, or promote your nonprofit, high-quality Potter products stand out in a crowd and stand up to the elements. There are three main things to consider when choosing a sticky product: application, quantity and budget.


One of the first things to consider is how you or the end user will use your sticky product. Will it be applied to water bottles, laptops, cell phones, vehicles, windows, a manufactured product? Once you decide where you want to put it, you’ll need to decide how permanent you want it to be. We offer a wide range of adhesives. Basically, the higher the tack, the more permanent it’s going to be.

High tack, sometimes called high bond, is a permanent sticky solution that’s great for decals and stickers that need to remain in place long-term, such as safety information, warnings, product identification numbers and fleet vehicle numbering.

Medium tack is a standard permanent adhesive that’s great for vinyl stickers and decals that you want to stay in place but can remove if absolutely necessary. This is the most common adhesive chosen for the stickers we produce. Medium-tack is great for labeling products and point-of-sale stickers, like those that will go onto things like water bottles.

Low tack is a removable adhesive that’s ideal for temporary placement. Stickers, decals and labels with low-tack adhesive can be removed for a period of time after application, without damaging the sticker or the surface. Removable stickers and labels are ideal for temporarily sticking to items, such as temporary wall graphics. Low-tack stickers are typically a one-time-use product and are not meant for long-term applications.

Static clings are a removable and repositionable option that acts like a suction cup, firmly holding your vinyl sticker or decal in place while also being easy to remove. Clings are great for things like parking permits and passes, membership associations, and seasonal or sale graphics. Made with durable vinyl and fade-resistant inks, they look great on glass and metal surfaces and are typically used on the indoor side of glass. Static clings will not stick to paper, walls, wood or anything rough.

Magnets are easy to remove and reposition and can be applied to any magnetic metal surface, indoors or outdoors. Potter magnets are made from high-quality magnetized vinyl that come in two thicknesses: .02 millimeters and .03 millimeters, which is auto-grade thinkness, neither of which will slip. Our magnets come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes or can be customized to suite your design and size specifications.


Screen printing is great if you’re planning to place a large order. It is typically the most economical option for large sticker orders and is great for simple designs, producing vibrant colors that pop. One color is printed at a time, and several screens can be used to produce a multi-colored image. For a professional look and a clean edge, we can die cut your stickers or magnets to shape.

Digital printing replicates a digital-based image by printing directly onto a surface, such as vinyl. This rapid, full-color process is best for complex logos and designs, such as photographs, gradients and color fades. Digitally printed stickers also have the lowest minimum order quantities, making them an excellent option for smaller projects. Our large-format digital printing capabilities also make it possible to print large window displays.


Minimal budget? Choose vinyl stickers. Fun, versatile and economical, vinyl stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be either screen printed or digitally printed to showcase your logo or artwork. Potter stickers are made in the USA with domestically sourced vinyl and fade-resistant inks, which means they stick around and stay vibrant longer, indoors or outdoors. Our stickers are rated to last up to five years!

Healthy budget? Consider specialty materials and finishes, which can take your stickers up a notch. Holographic vinyl has an eye-catching rainbow effect that changes with light and perspective, while chrome stickers are printed on a reflective mirror-like vinyl for a high-end look. We also offer special finishes, such as domed decals which are made with a thick layer of polyurethane applied directly over a standard sticker, giving it a puffy, 3-D like look.

Let’s get started

The Potter in-house design team is dedicated to helping you determine the best-possible products for your needs. Get started with our step-by-step online ordering or get a free quote. If you’re unsure which product or printing method you need or would like us to walk you through the process, we’re happy to help. Call us or live chat with us during business hours, 8am – 4pm PST.

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