Custom Vinyl Transfers

Custom Transfer Stickers

Make a statement with transfer sticker that allow you to go above and beyond the look of standard stickers. Transfer stickers, also called decals, display your design with nothing left behind. We color-match your colors, logo or artwork and knock out any empty space to make your lettering or design stand out, creating a professional, crisp look that’s perfect for glass and other smooth surfaces, as well as for display on everyday personal items like bike frames, vehicles, phone cases, laptops, helmets and water bottles.

  • Digitally printed, fade-resistant inks
  • Color-matched and printed on high-impact vinyl
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Peel-off paper liner and transfer tape, making it easy to apply
  • Perfect for logos, lettering and simple to complex designs
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Transfer Stickers: Liner, Decal, Tape

Our custom-made transfer stickers are your professional answer to sleek, upscale, recognizable branding. Complex designs with several elements to them end up looking sharp and draw attention.

How? A transfer sticker is composed of a liner/backer, the vinyl decal itself, and a layer of transfer tape laid on top of the decal. Simply peel off the back liner, then, with the top transfer tape holding the decal together, perfectly position the decal on your desired surface and then peel off the transfer tape. The tape layer can be either clear or paper tape.

Digital printing for best results

Our transfer stickers are digitally printed in full color, then plot cut, with excess material hand “weeded” out to produce a perfect cut-out image. Potter transfer stickers can be made with either back adhesive or front adhesive, based on your preferences. Use them either indoors or outdoors.

White and colored vinyl offerings make for array of possibilities

Transfer stickers can either be printed on vinyl or not printed at all. In some cases, customers prefer the simplicity of a transfer sticker that’s simply cut from the vinyl, such as lettering. High-impact white vinyl is a great choice for transfer stickers, but we also have a wide variety of vinyl colors to choose from, including specialty materials, such as chrome or holographic vinyl.

Maybe you want your company name, logo or custom artwork turned into a transfer sticker for display. Or maybe you don’t know where to start. We can help. Our in-house design and printing team can work with you to create a transfer sticker that will hold up well and look great. Order now, request a quote, live chat or call and talk to a human during business hours.