Custom Tap Handle Decals & Magnets

Custom Tap Handle Decals & Magnets

Share the story of your beverage brand with custom tap handle magnets or decals, designed to draw the eye and inspire your patrons to choose what you’ve got on tap, such as rotating selection or seasonal additions. Our options include custom adhesive tap handle decals or tap handle magnets with extra lamination for added protection against liquids and regular use.

  • Screen-printed or digitally printed with fade-resistant inks
  • Color-matched and printed on durable waterproof vinyl
  • Lamination for extra protection
  • Die-cut to fit your tap handle shapes
  • Design team collaboration to achieve the best product
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Tap Handles Pique People’s Interest

Custom tap handles are an important way for your brand of kombucha, hard cider or beer to stand out in a thriving beverage and bar market. Whether you’ve got a tasting room where customers come to enjoy your variety of selections, or you’re supplying local food and beverage businesses with your beverage on tap, our custom tap handles will create the unique and consistent look you desire for your brand.

Durable and versatile tap handle solutions

Potter’s design and printing team can precisely color match any design and custom cut your tap handle decal or magnet to suit your specifications. Choose from heavy-duty decals that will stand up to the demanding beverage and bar environment or magnetic vinyl decals that are easy to swap to keep pace with a rotating lineup or seasonal beverage offerings.

Tap handle decals, magnets made in the USA

Our cutting-edge software, combining digital and screen-printing technologies, allows us to produce top-quality tap handle labels. Made in the USA, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, our decals and magnets are ideal for marketing your beverages consistently and professionally.