Manufacturing, Industrial Stickers & Decals

As a manufacturer, you rely on machinery in environments that are often subject to harsh environmental conditions. Our custom-made, durable decals, stickers and labels are made for harsh industrial environments and applications. Industrial-grade labels and decals are a cost-effective alternative to metal plates and can be used for product identification, safety compliance and much more.

  • Hazardous warning and instructional labels
  • Safety and equipment labels
  • Electronic equipment labels
  • Cable, wire, hose and pipe labels
  • Rating plate labels
  • Serial number labels
  • Durable decals and stickers
  • Static clings and magnets
  • Large-format signage and banners
  • Apparel and accessories
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Premium, Custom Manufacturing and Industrial Products

In the manufacturing and industrial industries, your brand’s assets may run the gamut, from equipment and facilities to secrets of the trade and the safety of your employees. Thanks to our long history of producing premium, industrial-grade products, manufacturers rely on us to provide affordable, durable decals and stickers to serve a variety of needs.

Versatile, durable and made in America

Potter products are crafted from high-quality, American-made materials and inks and are produced in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We use a variety of durable materials, whether your brand requires weather resistance or the ability to stand up to abrasive chemicals. We offer permanent adhesion, reflective finishes, or temporary magnets that can be moved to where they are needed.

Our manufacturing decals are available in a broad range of colors, die-cuts and shapes, and we can custom-make anything, from regulatory symbols, safety warnings and instructions, UPC codes, schematics and more.

Banners, signage, apparel and more

Does your brand need a boost? From high-impact banners that look great at industry trade shows, to high-quality apparel for employees and stickers for potential customers, we accurately replicate your company logo, colors and fonts to help you promote your brand and strengthen your customer base.

Call, email or live chat with us to learn more about our products for cannabis packaging and brands. Let’s get started!