Automotive, Fleet Stickers & Decals

Drive sales and ensure your company’s vehicles are highly visible when traveling from point A to point B. Display your corporate logo, licensed and bonded certifications, Department of Transportation (DOT) fleet numbers and much more with a variety of custom-made, durable products, such as stickers and decals, color matched to your specifications for cars and trucks.

  • Custom decals and stickers
  • Static window clings
  • Magnets
  • Apparel and accessories
  • High-impact banners
  • Retail ready packaging
  • Safety and reflective products
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Premium, Custom Products for Vehicles, Boats, Farm Equipment

For companies with one or more vehicles on the go, our stickers and decals are the perfect avenue for your company logo to be seen while your fleet is out and about. Whether on the road, on the water, at the farm or in the field, your highly visible brand or required licensing and certifications will draw attention and signal you mean business.

Stickers and decals made for the elements

We use high-performance, outdoor-grade adhesive vinyl for our stickers, die-cut to your preferred shape. We offer several standard size options, but our decals and stickers can be custom designed to fit whatever size you want, just right for boats, trucks, vans and farm equipment. Versatile and affordable, our vinyl decals are available in several styles, including clear, opaque, reflective and more.

Versatile, removable vehicle magnets

Commercial identification on personal vehicles is easy, too, with automotive-grade magnets that are easy to remove when the workday is done. Your brand’s colors, perfectly replicated with our matching expertise, are UV protected and won’t fade. Call, email or live chat with us to learn more about our automotive and fleet identification options.

Proudly made in America

Potter products are crafted from high-quality, American-made materials and are produced in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where a wide variety of commercial businesses thrive. Thanks to our long history of producing premium products for commercial industries, business owners rely on us to help build their brands and their presence within the communities they serve.

In addition to stickers and decals, we create high-impact banners, as well as retail packaging with barcodes and pricing for easy point-of-sale uses, such as at trade shows. Let’s get started!